About BPS

The Baltimore Poets Society was created in order to unite seasoned published authors with students from area high schools in the west Baltimore community to teach literacy building skills and entrepreneurial opportunities by using poetry and creative writing forums. At the end of each session, the students will become young published authors thus supporting self-empowerment and entrepreneurship.

Many young people are expressing their feelings in diaries, on social networks, rap songs and street corner performances. This program will create a venue for young authors to meet two times per week to share their expressions and learn ways to improve their writing ability.

This program will teach young people how to publish their short stories, poetry and rap lyrics, and earn income for their talents. Young poets in Baltimore need a central place where they can meet, share, express, learn and grow. This fellowship will allow young people to communicate to their peers the positive outcomes of having mentors support their writings and enrich their gifts.

If you are interested in becoming a part of the Baltimore Poet Society, either through mentoring or publishing your own story, email me at baltimorepoets@yahoo.com

2 thoughts on “About BPS

    1. apressley2012 Post author

      Thanks…. keep checking us out. I will be hosting the Poets Society Open Mic Event this Wednesday Night at Versatile Ambiance 2940 Greenmount Avenue… doors open at 7:30 pm


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